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Sports & Remedial Massage - Capital Peak Performance Canberra
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Meet the faces behind the hands—our team of qualified therapists for cupping, compression sessions and sports and remedial massages, Canberra.


Wayne Corlis


Soft Tissue Therapist

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Wayne is a Qualified Soft Tissue Therapist specialising in Sports and Remedial Massage and Sports performance. Graduating in 2011 from the Australian Institute of Applied Sciences and the Australian College of Massage in 2013, Wayne has been trained and is proficient in athletic/sports specific treatments, myofascial release, joint mobilisations, trigger point release, remedial exercises whilst providing individualised home care

Wayne Specialises in

  • Running and Triathlon injuries and Performance

    • Hamstring, Achilles injuries etc Tendinopathy's​

    • Hip Pain

    • ITB, Piriformis Syndrome

  • Lower back and Pelvis Issues

    • Thoracic ​Pain

    • Sciatica, Facet and SI Pain

    • Chronic back Issues

    • Lower and upper Limb Peripheral Nerve Pain

  • Head and Shoulder conditions

    • Chronic Migraines​

    • Shoulder impingements

·       Deep tissue,

·       Sports Massage

·       Pregnancy Massage

·       Lymphatic drainage

·       Trigger point

·       Cupping

.       Rehabilitation from injuries

·       Light stretching and mobilisation.​


With years of clinical experience both treating and managing clients with chronic pain, repetitive strain injuries, body aches and pains caused by but not limited to poor posture, work ergonomics and everyday life stresses.

When Wayne isn’t treating clients he is in training for Ironman triathlons with interests in such sports as long-distance running.

Wayne is also in the process of finishing his degree in Physiotherapy where he hopes to provide a new unique treatment option to CPP clients.

Massage Therapist


Amy loves working with the local community she has been a part of for over 30 years. Amy is dedicated to providing therapeutic massage and wellness guidance to her clients, Amy aims to optimise and restore health to individuals bodies' experiencing stress and discomfort from daily life strains, injury or illness.  Starting with a thorough assessment Amy will attempt to identify chief markers causing dysfunction and integrate her massage technique to unwind and reset the body.  This will allow the body more ease and comfort and prevent further injury.


With Amy's Experience she loves to work on areas including

- Head, Neck & Shoulder

- Headache caused by postural issues or work/life stresses
- Hip and Lower back issues
- Anxiety induced muscle tension

- SIJ Conditions

Amy draws on her experience in fitness and helping the elderly to increase awareness of their own body and the way it functions from day to day.

Amy continues furthering her skills as a therapist under the guidance of our Senior Therapist Wayne



Weston Creek

2/16 Mahony Cct Weston Creek, Ground Floor indside
Weston Creek Physiotherapy Centre

We accept cash, EFTPOS, VISA, and MasterCard. We also have HICAPS, which means if you bring your private health fund card we can process your rebate on the spot and you will only need to pay the gap.​

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